Where are the most beautiful places in Halong



Since the thousands-year formation, Halong bay stills keep its original beauty with magnificent beaches, uncountable islets with different kind of shapes, along with that, miraculous tales reveal about a dragon spilt the pearls from its mouth which formed nowadays isles

How to travel from Hanoi to halong

With Hanoi’s the starting point, tourists can choose to go to Halong bay along with the roads, the railways or even airplanes

Halong is not such far away from Hanoi, with only 155 kilometer on road, so if you choose to ride a car with friends and relatives, you will only need to spend 3 – 4 hours. Another way is catching a car, passengers can easily see cars with the sign “Hanoi – Halong” on the road


Besides the roads, you can choose the railways which will bring exciting experiences about the trains in Vietnam, the cultures since the French domination and the way of life of the people whom lives on and beside the rails

For someone wants to enjoy the convenient and swiftly travel, the suggestion is hydroplane, passenger can easily hire one from aviation companies. Traveling by plane to Halong is the unique way from the height of 3000 meters to observe the landscape of the isles, the boats and the overwhelming splendors

What should tourist carry along with to Halong

Tourists should take the followings to guarantee a carefree trip to Halong with full serene and light-hearted

First things first, personal papers such as: passport, identity card, traveling tickets or the papers that contain contact details, which are the number one priority in booking a room or in emergency cases.

Money and credit cards are not forgettable to carry with. But the trick is you shouldn’t bring much cash in your purse in case of mislaying or mis-taking. Halong has plenty of banks and ATMs for passenger to withdraw cash, by this way, you can preserve your own money with convenience


Vietnam is a tropical country so don’t forget to bring sun cream to avoid the damages of the scorching sun. With the hot temperature, medications for common illnesses are the must-have for the traveling activities

Where are The most beautiful places in Halong

Halong’s partly intersects with East Sea so the result is cross-bred with oceanic beauty like we see as today. Tourist can see what the original earth was looked like from thousands of years ago. These are the suggestions for tourist who want to seek the figure of nature.

Bai Tu Long Bay

The bay itself is the symbol of entire Quang Ninh and when you set their foot on the ground, you will see the transparent pearl of Tonkin Gulf, an oil painting of the nature’s efforts to show human its trails. The beaches, islands and caves are all still maintain since the creation. From time to time, human appeared and inherited the tales about the formations of Bai Tu Long bay as a way of showing their gratitude and respect for the place that holds every features of Vietnam


Tuan Chau Island


The history of Tuan Chau was once a poor fishing village and isolated from the rest of Halong. But since the strong investment flew, the island had transformed into a beauty like Cinderella from the old fairy tales. To connect with the mainland, Tuan Chau had built a 2.145 metres road, when tourists go further inside, it’s the whole new country on the island. Tuan Chau has various entertainment zones such as: aquatic animals club, circus, man-made beach, villa clusters, underwater entertainments and many national and international events yearly.

Sung Sot Cave


The name of Sung Sot cave literally means Surprising Cave (Grotte de la Surprise). The originality of its name is from an exploring journey that people get surprised because the first section has very small size but when the explorers glide through the entrance of second section, they’re surprised by the space and the glistering of the cave. In general, the cave has 3 sections and rocks with shapes of animals, trees. The largest in 3 sections is the second with unique dome that looks like scenery from the grand opera. At the end of the third section, it has a small scale garden with an inside-cave lake that were formed altogether since the cave appeared.


Soi Sim Island


The first experiences when tourist get here are the fresh air on your face, the relief atmosphere, the peaceful and the discreet sound of waves. The forest, along with the coastline has preserved perfectly the tropical evergreen plants that lived inside its heart from many years ago. At the highest peak of the island will give tourist the whole image with full details about the landscape of the area.